Official Rules (Extract) of 26th Polish Summer Spartakiade of Lawyers

Official Rules
(Extract) of 26th Polish Summer
Spartakiade of Lawyers
9–13 September 2015

The following is an extract from the Official Rules governing the 26th Polish Summer Spartakiade of Lawyers (the “Event”). This document is a summary only. For specific information please refer to the official Polish version, or contact the Local Organizing Committee (the “LOC”) at

§ 1

1.The Event is organized by the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels Foundation in Warsaw.
2. The Event will be held at the premises of the University of Life Sciences (“Szkoła Główna Gospodarstwa Wiejskiego”), Warsaw, 9–13 September 2015.

§ 2

Anyone who:
a) is a graduate from a Law or  Law & Administration Faculty (the participants are verified based on a copy of a diploma confirming that they graduated from a Law or Law & Administration Faculty, or an ID confirming membership  of any legal professional bar association, etc.)
b) has made the full payment
c) has full accident insurance covering her/his Event participation
d) has completed and sent a registration form via the is entitled to participate in the Event.

§ 3

1. The cost of participating in the Event is as follows:
a) EUR 250 (approx. PLN 950) – double room accommodation, meals, participation in sport and entertainments events, and accident insurance
b) EUR 300 (approx. PLN 1,150) – single room accommodation, meals, participation in sport and entertainments events, and accident insurance
c) EUR 200 (approx. PLN 750) – (no accommodation), meals, participation in sport and entertainments events, and accident insurance
2. The LOC may not accept individual or team participation if payments or the registration are not made by 14 August 2015.
3. The Participants may resign from participating in the Event by filing an appropriate application by 15 July 2015. If the Participant files an application of resigning from participation by 1 August 2015 but after 15 July 2015, half of the payment indicated in section 1 pts. a, b or c will be returned.  The LOC shall not return issued payments indicated in section 1 pts. a, b or c if the Participant files a request for resigning from participation in the Event after 1 August 2015.
4. The date of receipt of the Application by the LOC is considered as the date when the deadline is met according to the preceding section.
5. During the Event, all participants shall carry and, upon the LOC’ request, keep the confirmation of payment for the Event or documents stated in paragraph 2 above.  If upon verifying the above documentation it turns out that the participants does not comply with these Official Rules, the LOC is entitled to dismiss this participant from the Event.

§ 4

1. Applications for teams and applications for individual sports are filed at time of registration.
2. Only participants are allowed to take part in the social events organized in association with the Event. The participant must hold his event ID while taking part in those social events.
3. Details relating to application for individual and teams sports and consequences of delay in showing up on time for particular competitions  are set forth in the Polish version of the Official Rules available at
4. First aid assistance shall be provided where possible during the Event.

§ 5

1. The Event comprises the following sport disciplines:

I. Two-age categories:
1) Swimming: ladies and gentlemen – 50 metres breaststroke, 100 metres freestyle mixed
2) Table tennis: ladies and gentlemen (singles)
3) Badminton: ladies and gentlemen (singles)
4) Squash: ladies and gentlemen
5) Tennis: gentlemen (doubles)
6) 5,000 metres ladies and gentlemen

II. Three-age categories:

1) Athletics: 60 metres sprint ladies, 100 metres sprint gentlemen, 800 metres ladies, 1,500 metres gentlemen, 400 metres ladies and gentlemen, long jump ladies and gentlemen, high jump ladies and gentlemen, shot put ladies and gentlemen
2) Swimming: 50 metres freestyle ladies and gentlemen
3) Beach volleyball ladies and gentlemen

III. Four age categories- individual sports
1) Tennis gentlemen
2) Tennis ladies

IV. Open sports
1) Football –ladies and gentlemen
2) Volleyball – ladies and gentlemen
3) Basketball ladies and gentlemen
4) Streetball gentlemen
5) Beach football gentlemen
6) Tug-of-war ladies
7) Tug-of-war gentlemen
8) 4 x 100 metres medley ladies and gentlemen
9) Welly throw ladies
10) Welly throw gentlemen
11) Table tennis ladies and gentlemen (double)
12) Badminton ladies and gentlemen (doubles)
13) Swimming – 4 x 50 metres freestyle medley ladies and gentlemen
14) Bridge
15) Chess
16) Golf
17) Tennis (mixed doubles)
18) Tennis ladies (doubles)
19) Ringo
20) Bowling
21) Shooting
2. Birth year shall determine the participant age’s category assignment.
3. The age divisions are as follows:
a) Junior young –born in 1975 or thereafter
b) Junior –born between 1965 and 1974
c) Junior old –born between 1955 and 1964
d) Senior –born in 1954 or earlier
4. At the LOC’s request, the participants shall produce a current medical certificate, or sign a declaration to agree to participate in the Event at their own risk.

§ 6

1. During the Event participants are expected to behave all times with dignity and respect for other all other participants and referees, observing the spirit of sporting competition.
2. No participant is allowed to breach the abovementioned rule, in principle by:  breaching the sport discipline regulations aiming to harm other participants, cursing or failing to follow the recommendations or decisions of the referees or the LOC. By doing so, the participant may be warned or excluded from the Event.
3. The participants are fully liable for any damage caused by them during the Event.

§ 7

1. The Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels Foundation in Warsaw is the data controller of the participants’ personal data (the “Data”).
2. The Data, collected through the registration forms and the participants’ images, will be processed solely for the purpose of the Event.
3. The provision of the Data is voluntary but necessary in order to become a registered Event participant.
4. The Data subject is entitled to access or correct her/his Data, as well as to object to the further processing in case the Data are incomplete, no longer current or processed against Polish law.
5. The Event will be recorded and broadcasted in legally accepted forms (press, TV, radio, Internet).

§ 8

By filing an application, participants agree to follow the provisions of these Official Rules.

The sports disciplines list of 26th Polish Summer Spartakiade of Lawyers 9-13 September 2015 Warsaw

Football gentlemen (6 players)
Football ladies (6 players)
Basketball gentlemen
Basketball ladies
Volleyball gentlemen
Volleyball ladies
Beach ball ladies
Beach ball gentlemen
Beach ball mixed doubles
Football beach ball gentlemen
Streetball gentlemen
Streetball ladies
Deck tennis
Welly throw ladies
Welly throw gentlemen
4×100 Metres relay ladies
4×100 Metres relay gentlemen
60 Metres sprint ladies
Metres sprint gentlemen
400 Metres ladies
400 Metres gentlemen
800 Metres ladies
Metres gentlemen
5000 Metres ladies
5000 Metres gentlemen
Long jump ladies
Long jump gentlemen
High jump ladies
High jump gentlemen
Shot put gentlemen
Shot put ladies
Tug-of-war ladies
Tug-of-war gentlemen
•    50 Metres freestyle ladies
•    50 Metres freestyle gentlemen
•    50 Metres breaststroke ladies
•    50 Metres breaststroke gentlemen
•    100 Metres freestyle mixed ladies
•    100 Metres freestyle mixed gentlemen
•    4×50 freestyle medley ladies
•    4×50 freestyle medley gentleman
•    ladies’ singles
•    gentlemen’s singles
•    ladies’ doubles
•    gentlemen’s doubles
•    mixed doubles
•    ladies’ singles
•    gentlemen’s singles
Table tennis:
•    ladies’ singles
•    gentlemen’s singles
•    ladies’ doubles
•    gentlemen’s doubles
•    mixed doubles
Lawn tennis:
•    ladies’ singles
•    gentlemen’s singles
•    ladies’ doubles
•    gentleman’s doubles
•    mixed doubles

Agenda of 26th Polish Summer Spartakiade of Lawyers 9–13 September 2015 Warsaw

Day I – 9 September 2015  (Wednesday)
17.00–24.00 arrivals, check-in, SGGW Hostels, Welcome and starting packs hand out at the Limba hostel (02-787 Warsaw, Nowoursynowska 161 Str.)
briefing – the Spartakiade staff, referees and the team leaders, team sports disciplines – group drawing
Official Opening by Włodzimierz Chróścik, Chairman of the Regional Chamber of Legal Counsels in Warsaw
Discotheque, The Dziekanat Club, the SGGW area.

Day II – 10 September 2015 (Thursday)
8.00–10.00 Breakfast
9.00–19.00 Volleyball – prelims, SGGW Sport Hall
10.00–20.00 Shooting, Shooting Range CWKS „Legia” Warszawa Association, Łazienkowska 3 Str., Warsaw
10.00–19.00 Lawn tennis – Koncertowa 8a Str, Rosoła 19 Str, Warsaw
11.00–15.00 Swimming – ladies and gentlemen, the SGGW pool
11.00 – 50 metres freestyle
11.30 – 50 Metres breaststroke
12.00 – 100 metres free style
12.30 – 100 metres stylem breastroke
13.00 – 100 metres free style mixed
13.30 – 4×25 freestyle medley
14.00 – 4×25 freestyle medley (mixed teams)
13.30–15.30 lunch
15.30–19.00 Tug-of-war, the SGGW area next to the Spartakiade place
15.00–19.00 Streetball – Koncertowa 4 Str., Warsaw
10.00–13.0016.00–19.00 Bridge – Koncertowa 4 Str. Warsaw, room on the 1st floor next to the SGGW pool
16.00–19.00 Chess – Koncertowa 4 Str, room on the 1st floor next to the SGGW pool
16.00–19.00 Bowling – TB Bowling&Bilard Club Ursynów, Pileckiego 122 Str.
18.30–19.30 Dinner
21.30–4.00 Discotheque

Day III – 11 September 2015 (Friday)
8.00–10.00 Breakfast
10.00–19.00 Squash – Kahuna Club, Zawodzie 26 Str., Warsaw
11.00–18.00 Welly throw – the SGGW area next to the Spartakiade place
11.00–18.00 Deck tennis – the SGGW area next to the Spartakiade place
9.00–13.00 Athletics, ladies and gentlemen, The Football Arena, Koncertowa 4 Str.
•    60 metres
•    100 metres
•    400 metres
•    800 metres
•    1500 meres
•    5000 metres
•    shot put
•    high jump
•    long jump
•    medleys
9.00–19.00 Beach Ball – Koncertowa 4 Str.
9.00–19.00 Football Beach ball – Koncertowa 4 Str.
14.00–19.00 Football – prelims, The Football Arena, Koncertowa 4 Str.
9.00–19.00 Basketball – prelims, SGGW Sport Hall
9.00–19.00 Lawn tennis – Koncertowa 8a Str., Rosoła 19 Str.
11.00–17.00 Golf – Golf Park Józefów
10.00–13.00, 16.00–19.00 Chess – Koncertowa 4 Str., room on the 1st floor next to the SGGW pool
16.00–19.00 Bridge – Koncertowa 4 Str., room on the 1st floor next to the SGGW pool
13.30–15.30 Lunch
20.30–4.00 The Ball, PGE Narodowy, J. Poniatowski Str.

Day IV – 12 Septemer 2015 roku (Saturday)
8.00–10.00 Breakfast
9.00–19.00 Table tennis, badminton – SGGW Sport Hall
9.00–19.00 Football – semifinals and final, The Football Arena, Koncertowa 4 Str.
10.00–14.00 Lawn tennis – finals, Koncertowa 8a Str.
10.00–14.00 Basketball – semifinals and finals, SGGW Sport Hall
13.30–15.30 Lunch
15.30–18.00 Volleyball – semifinals and finals, SGGW Sport Hall
20.00–2.00 Grill at the Spartakiade place, medal awards, official closing

Day V – 13 September 2015 roku (Sunday)
08.00–10.00 Breakfast, check out, departures

This program is a preliminary version. The organizer reserves the right to make changes in the program.